A Guide To Healthy Eating At Italian Restaurants

In a place like Singapore where you have no shortage of places to enjoy good Italian food, it can be quite challenging not to over indulge. But that does not mean you should avoid enjoy some delicious Italian food. It’s about figuring out what you can eat. Some also restaurants have special healthy, vegetarian or vegan items on the menu so that there is something for everyone.


A Healthy Start
Before going out, you can visit the restaurant website and check out their menu to find out what the healthier options would be. You can even have a light, healthy snack before going out so that you won’t feel starved and end up breaking your diet plan. You can even drink a glass of water before making an order to make yourself feel full and hydrated too. Italian food is delicious and if you do break your diet, you can increase your exercise time during your work out.

Carbohydrates and Portions
Pasta is an important ingredient in healthy Italian cuisine that is rich in carbohydrates. So it would be better to avoid heavy pasta dishes by selecting meals high in protein with grilled or roasted vegetables, chicken, fish and other types of seafood where pasta is not the main meal.

You can even select whole wheat pasta as well. This also includes avoiding the bread items. Just keep all this in mind when dining out for an Italian meal at some of the boat quay restaurants or at a café in Singapore. With large portions, you can eat half the meal and get the leftovers packed up or share with a friend.

Include More Vegetables
For appetizers, try to stick to items like bruschetta or something with grilled or roasted vegetables. Avoiding fried items as well, order salads with less or no cheese that are more meat or vegetable based. If you are ordering a soup, order one that is vegetable based and without cream something like a Minestrone soup. When you are selecting sauces, go for garlic, herb or tomato based ones rather than cream or butter based sauces as the fat content will be lower and you can still enjoy something healthy with good flavour. Not to forget, some of the best pizza options would include the thinnest crust with more vegetables and tomato sauce, with less cheese of course.

You can skip dessert and have a cappuccino with less or no sugar and biscotti on the side.  But if you feel desserts like tiramisu and panna cotta are too good to miss, you can share some with a friend to avoid over indulging, or have a small serving of gelato. Don’t forget that fresh fruits would make a great option too.