Gidget’s final day on SATC 2, Then home sweet home

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Gidget had a RUFF last day....she just wasn't in the mood to do her thing

Gidget had a RUFF last day....she just wasn't in the mood to do her thing


Gidget and Blog mistress Jen Dragon

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Jen Dragon helps Gidget rehearse for her last day of shooting "Sex and The City 2"

Jen Dragon helps Gidget rehearse for her last day of shooting "Sex and The City 2"

New Years Day 2010

Gidget rehearses for her swansong with a little help form Jen Dragon

Gidget and Jen Dragon


Gidget and Sex and the City 2 !

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Gidget and Kim Catrell in the SATC II movie trailer

Gidget and Kim Cattrall in the SATC 2 movie trailer

Our girl made the trailer to the upcoming “Sex and the City 2″ movie!  And check out that cute white hat…word has it that Gidget had to try on a whole mess of those things in order to find just the right fit!

Mad Hatter!

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Gidget sizing up for a custom made top hat

Gidget sizing up for a custom made top hat

So the Sex and the City 2 script calls for a white top hat for Gidget.  Given that our pup lives 2 hours north of the shooting location, fittings have to take place via FedEx.  One day, a slew of paper hats arrive and Gidget has to pose and be photographed with each one so wardrobe can decide which proportion is the best.  Then the same company that makes Jim Henson’s muppets will make a custom snow white silk top hat for Gidget to wear in a scene with Kim Cattrall (and thats all we’re revealing!)

Gidget on the Today Show!

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Gidget on the Today Show

Gidget on the Today Show

Gidget and Mary are interviewed by Meredith Vieira for NBC’s Today Show and Cathryn Long from All Creatures Great & Small animal agency shares some tips on getting your pet into show business.  Click here to see how to make your furry friend famous on the Today Show!


On the Set of Sex and the City 2!

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Gidget in her Dressing Room

Gidget in her Dressing Room

Here is Gidget waiting for her close-up on the set of SATC 2…this time she even has a ”doggy double” as sometimes these all night shoots are rough on her beauty sleep…more to follow!

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Back to Work!

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Gidget in an original Barneche dog sweater
Gidget in an original barKneche design dog coat

There’s a nip in the air as Gidget gets ready to reprise her role as Samantha’s dog Baby in the upcoming film “Sex and the City 2″ !  Click here to see more barKneche fashions! Or click here to go to barKneche’s site at Etsy to purchase straight away!

Gidget in a barKneche black and white Houndstooth check!

Gidget in a barKneche black and white Houndstooth check!

What a day at KIDSTOCK…

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Kidstock: A concert to raise awareness for Pets in Need!

Kidstock: A concert to raise awareness for Pets in Need!

What a magical day! Young fans converged on Belleayre Mountain to celebrate music and fun all for the good of animals in the community.  Sponsored by Gidget Gormley’s favorite non-profit “Friends of Snuffy” the event sponsored all sorts of fun including face-painting, games, music by School of Rock and Uncle Rock and a musical woodland journey where kids encountered rock and roll legends (impersonated by actors) in a magical walk through the grounds of Belleayre!  Click here to see amazing photos of that day by Franz Edlinger

Gidget Supports Snuffy’s Pet Food Pantry Program!

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The hills of Belleayre Mountain are alive with the sounds and sights of ROCK! Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the original Woodstock Festival, Uncle Rock, the Belleayre Music Conservatory and original festival co-producer Michael Lang of Woodstock Ventures bring you KIDSTOCK®!

Family music troubadour Uncle Rock will host and kick off the festivities at 1PM. Backed by the Playthings, the rockin’ Uncle performs original songs that combine the heart of Pete Seeger with the upbeat rhythms of the Beatles, James Brown, and the Ramones. Following Uncle Rock will be special guests, Paul Green’s School of Rock All-Stars. Ranging in age from kindergarten to high school, this band is the cream of the world-renowned Paul Green’s School of Rock, the real-life inspiration behind the Jack Black movie. Their “Tribute to the Music of Woodstock” will close the day.

dsc06232.jpgFestivalgoers of all ages are encouraged to dress in the style of their favorite musical era or musician. Everyone will get an eyeful at the Rock & Roll Fashion Show, which will feature small fry strutting the stage in everything from punk to hip hop to glam fashions.

For a donation to Friends of Snuffy’s pet food pantry program, you can take the Musical Woodland Journey which brings a combination of history and social consciousness to KIDSTOCK®. By walking through the surrounding trees, wayfaring festival attendees will get an opportunity to encounter music pioneers from Robert Johnson to Janis Joplin to Johnny Rotten. In addition, they will sponsor a Kids’ Pet Poetry Reading; kids can recite poems about their fine feathered and furred friends, or they can compose them on the spot at the FOS booth.

Founded in 2006 by music business vet Mary Gormley, Friends of Snuffy is a 501c3 non-profit organization whose current mission is to help animals stay out of shelters by providing food for owners hit by hard economic times. Previous Snuffyfests have included a James Blunt concert and silent auction, featuring items donated by artists from Sheryl Crow to Peter Max to Eminem.

dsc06230.jpgA multi-generational event, KIDSTOCK® will be a chance for kids, parents and grandparents to have a shared rock and roll experience that will include classic tunes, audience participation, wicked clothes, a music history lesson, and social consciousness. With air guitar, face painting, hula hoops, a kids’ clothing swap, a silent auction and more, KIDSTOCK® promises to be a memorable summer event for the time capsule Ð much like a certain festival held in these same hills forty years ago this year.

KIDSTOCK® is part of the Belleayre Music Festival that takes place on the grounds of Belleayre Mountain. For more information please visit Tickets for other music festival events can be purchased at Ticketmaster.

dsc06229.jpgCome rock at KIDSTOCK® !

Sunday August 23rd – Noon to 5 PM – Free Admission!
Belleayre Mountain
181 Galli Curci Road, Highmount NY

Located in the Catskill Mountains northwest of NYC and south of AlbanyPrizes to be donated by Happiness Records & Little Monster Records AND MORE…


KIDSTOCK® is a registered trademark of Woodstock Leasing, LC and is used pursuant to a License Agreement with Woodstock Licensing, LC


Help Gidget’s Ad for Dorito’s Win the Superbowl Top Spot!

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Yes, Gidget goes viral in an independently produced ad for Doritos!  This contest asks participants to create an ad for delicious Doritos chips and starting January 5, the world can vote for the best promotion!  The winning ad will be shown during the SuperBowl  so lets help Gidget go national by clicking here .  After viewing, be sure to click on the lower right hand corner to receive an email reminder to vote on January 5th for our girl!!!

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