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The Lucky Dog Interview is On Line!

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Gidget’s person, Mary, is interviewed by The Lucky Dog Show!

Click here to listen…and click here to download the interview “Pup in the City Stars in New Movie”

All About Gidget…

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New York Magazine’s on line Entertainment Section has a great interview with Michael Patrick King about working with Gidget. 

Click here to read “All About Gidget, the Canine Star of ‘Sex and the City’” by Bennett Marcus

The Biggest Diva from SATC with MPK

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michael-patrick-king-and-gidget-gormley-revised.jpgAs for revealing the cast’s biggest diva…
According to writer-director Michael Patrick King, the biggest diva on set was actually a dog.
Semi-Spoiler Alert: In the movie, Samantha gets a Yorkie pup who likes to have sex as much as she does. “That little humping dog was amazing,” he said, “because she would only hump in the mornings. So Kim [Cattrall] would show up and she’d be like, ‘Yeah, I know, we gotta do the dog first.’ We all had to wait for the dog to get her hump on.”


Mangle this Mutt????

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I’m glad Gidget got enough humping screen time to annoy this guy!

“ Writer-director Michael Patrick King…shows a dog getting it on with a pillow over and over again. … but by the sixth time, I was ready to mangle the mutt.”

Thanks  Bob Tremblay of Gatehouse News Service!



Adopt, Don’t Shop!

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Oprah Winfrey is re-airing her puppy mill show!  Oprah does an incredible job exposing the horrors of Puppy Mills.
 Oprah states at the end of her show, “I would never, ever adopt another pet now without going to a shelter to do it. I am a changed woman after seeing this show.”
 Investigated by Lisa Ling, make sure you tune in and tell all your friends to catch Oprah tomorrow- this is a show you won’t want to miss.

If you didn’t catch it the first time, or want to see it again, its airing today, Thursday, May 29 2008

A Review of “Sex and the City” by Roger Ebert!

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Now you have to understand that this is not a traditional “man’s” movie and Roger acknowledges that he is perhaps not the best choice to review the new SATC film but he does understand what it means for women as a “chick flick” and certainly appreciates Gidget’s performance! He writes: ” The (female) dog gets friendly with every pillow, stuffed animal and ottoman and towel, and here’s the funny thing, (she) ravishes them male-doggy-style!”Click here to read the review he wrote for the Chicago Sun-Times!

Get Ready, Get Set….

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….and now wait 4 more days till “Sex and the City” opens in North America…

It feels like a  NewYear’s Eve countdown!  

Helping us keep the vigil is FourDogMom…

Click here to blog in!




Agility Dogs Hang Together!

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Johann is the man!


Click here to find out more!

and then go here to see Gidget’s Reel

The Lucky Dog Show

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Gidget Gormley and her person, Mary, will be interviewed on the Lucky Dog Show on Saturday, May 31st at 11am Eastern Time (10 am central time)!Click here
to tune in…




She Knows…

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 Gidget Gormley prepares a scene with Kim Cattrall and a “dog dummy”

In “She Knows” ( Kim talks about working with Gidget…

“…In fact, Samantha continues the trend of owning a dog since she gets a pooch in the film. Kim Cattrall exclaims, “Right on cue – one take wonder, that girl! Three months to prepare for those close-ups, and her close-ups were always before mine.” (chuckles)” -Vicki Salemi

read the rest of the article here

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