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Not Crossing Any Legal Lines! TV Guide interviews Kim Catrall about SATC!

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image from OK Magazine What’s up with Samantha in Sex and the City: The Movie?
I can tell you she has a dog, a little terrier that’s a bit of a diva, of course.
Radcliffe: [Laughs] That’s the most innocuous detail. Brilliant!
Cattrall: I’m not crossing any legal lines.

Snuffy Animal Benefit Dance

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left to right: Mary, DJ Logic, Meera Gandhi, Linda Blick

Snuffy fundraiser for animals in need at Don Hill’s with DJ Logic

Recently, Linda Blick from “Tails of Hope” has asked Gidget, as a cancer survivor, to be the “dog of hope” for her organization.  

Gidget Relaxing in her Dressing Room

April 10, 2008 on 11:34 am | By | In Sex and the City | 2 Comments


 Gidget made a donation from her “Sex and the City” salary  to Friends of Snuffy- the non-profit to help animals in need established in the memory of her late bro, Snuffy


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Gidget gets some energy work done before a long day of shooting

Gidget on her Way to LA!

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2007, Gidget landed her first major movie role in the upcoming blockbuster “Sex and the City” due out May 30th of 2008.   We had a blast making the film and we can’t wait to see it!


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It’s a good thing she got her Mojo back as I found myself unemployed again.

Gidget on the set of “Pledge This”

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So I flew to Miami with Gidget for her to do a quick humping job!

Gidget Rehearsing

April 10, 2008 on 11:18 am | By | In comedy | Comments Off


Gidget practices for her role as the stunt double for Paris Hilton’s dog in “Pledge This”

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