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Gidget’s First Pupparazzi Shot!!!!

June 29, 2008 on 6:06 pm | By | In blog buzz, music industry, Sex and the City | 1 Comment

gidget-in-la.jpgOnly in LA, folks, only in LA….AS you may know, Mary takes Gidget everywhere and that includes last week’s business trip to  LA for music industry stuff with Reni Lane (you’ll hear more about her later- and not just here on Gidget’s blog!)  So there is Mary killing time at a coffee shop before her delayed flight back to NYC and they don’t let dogs into the coffee shop but a kind waitress offers to watch Gidge while Mary caffeines up.  Through some small talk, it comes out that Gidget was in the “Sex and the City” movie and before you know it, a fellow customer is on the ground, photographing Gidget.  Mary thought no more of it until she returned and found this entry on a blog called “Slackonomics” which read:Is this Gidget the Humping Dog?Well, yes Lisa- it is! And we are thrilled that Gidget is “dogged” by attention whereever she goes!

Snuffy Animal Benefit Dance

April 10, 2008 on 12:33 pm | By | In charity, music industry | 1 Comment


left to right: Mary, DJ Logic, Meera Gandhi, Linda Blick

Snuffy fundraiser for animals in need at Don Hill’s with DJ Logic

Recently, Linda Blick from “Tails of Hope” has asked Gidget, as a cancer survivor, to be the “dog of hope” for her organization.  

James Blunt Plays Benefit for “Friends of Snuffy”

April 10, 2008 on 11:15 am | By | In music industry | Comments Off


James Blunt on the Jumbotron at the Snuffy Benefit

James Blunt Hiking in the Catskills

April 10, 2008 on 11:14 am | By | In music industry | Comments Off


James Blunt plays the Snuffy’s Benefit May 2006

James played a benefit concert for the organization I founded in memory of my Snuffy. 

Friends of Snuffy is a not-for-profit that helps animals in need. :)

Death Cab for Cutie on SNL

April 10, 2008 on 11:11 am | By | In music industry | Comments Off


 Ben Gibard hanging out in the Saturday Night Live (SNL)  dressing room before Death Cab For Cutie goes live

The Darkness

April 10, 2008 on 11:09 am | By | In music industry | Comments Off


Gidget hangs with “The Darkness” at Hard Rock Hotel in Miami, Florida :)

The Donnas

April 10, 2008 on 11:09 am | By | In music industry | Comments Off


The Donnas at the Kerrang Awards, UK

2005-2006 was a crazy time for me.  In the studio and on the road with The Donnas, The Darkness, Death Cab for Cutie, and James Blunt, Gidget came everywhere with me as long as there was no quarantine or “sound volume issues”. 

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